Meditation #8 - Discovering the Unchartered Territory (Gangaji)

This is a meditation focused on guiding questions, beginning with the classic "who am I", and evolving into others like "where do the words come from?", "where do they go next?", etc. Her calm and smooth voice, in conjunction with the questions, originated a great stillness and deepness inside me, like the data also show.

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Verdict: the objective data as well, as the subjective one, pointed out to a recommended meditation practice.


  1. Hi Vasco,

    I am Mar from Barcelona, Spain. I' am curious about it. I practice a kind of meditation called "the natural path meditation" since 3 years, it is not guided, you do it on silence and you need an introduction to start with it. My life and the way I see and I do things is totally different since I started this practice.In fact I discover the integral coaching and theory due to this practice, so I just let you know it and may be you could consider as a possibility.
    Here you have a link: www.sahajmarg.org

  2. Hi Mar,

    Like Babuji says "silence is the language of God". ;)

    Please send me an email to vascogaspar79@gmail.com in order to exchange some ideas.

    Have a great day,