"Where" I'm going to "dive"

Here goes the list I have "in mind":

Allowing Everything to Be as It Is Adyashanti
Shamatha Alan Wallace
Holosync - The Dive Bill Harris
Holosync - Immersion Bill Harris
Blissitations - Melow Brian Johnson
Blissitations - Ocean Brian Johnson
Blissitations - Rain Brian Johnson
Guided Meditation Brian Weiss
The True Nature of Awareness Eckhart Tolle
Anti-Stress Francisco Nobrega de Lima
Discovering the Unchartered Territory Gangaji
Redução da fadiga Hearth Math
Resonant Tuning Hemi-Sync
Meditation Hemi-Sync
Guided Meditation Jon Kabat-Zinn
Meditating on the breath Kim Eng
Meditating on sense perceptions Kim Eng
Inner body meditation Kim Eng
A meditation for dissolving the pain-body Kim Eng
Walking meditation Kim Eng
Meditating on nature Kim Eng
Drinking and eating meditation Kim Eng
A meditation for entering sleep consciously Kim Eng
Natural Meditation Lama Surya Das
The Experience of Unconditioned Awareness Peter Fenner
The doorway to your dreams Robin Sharma
Connecting to your life guide Robin Sharma
From stress to success Robin Sharma
The Treasure Box Robin Sharma
Happiness Visualization Robin Sharma
Craft your Ideal Day Robin Sharma
Breath Awareness Ronald Siegel
Breath Practice Sampler Ronald Siegel
Breathing Together Ronald Siegel
Listening Meditation Ronald Siegel
Thought Labeling Ronald Siegel
Befriending the Changes Ronald Siegel
Body Scan Ronald Siegel
Raisin Meditation Ronald Siegel
Loving Kindness Ronald Siegel
Mountain Meditation Ronald Siegel
Separating the Two Arrows Ronald Siegel
Stepping into  Fear Ronald Siegel
Stepping into Sadness Ronald Siegel
Tonglen Practice Ronald Siegel
Urge Surfing for Cravings Ronald Siegel
Urge Surfing for Pain Ronald Siegel
Raja Yoga Meditation Sahaj Marg
Cleaning Sahaj Marg
Body Scan Strosahl & Robinson
Mindful Standing Yoga Strosahl & Robinson
Mindfulness of the Breath Strosahl & Robinson
Mindfulness of the Breath and Body Strosahl & Robinson
Mindfulness of Sounds and Thoughts Strosahl & Robinson
The Breathing Space Strosahl & Robinson
Body Meditation Upaya
Breathing Meditation Upaya
Mind Meditation Upaya

Any suggestions / practices are welcome.

Please let me know your thoughts and ideas!

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