Here is how it is going to work

I will go through different types of meditation (check the list in the previous post) and the idea is to keep a log of each experience. I'll share two types of data: subjective and objective.

Subjective data
- Difficult rate: from -- (low) to ++ (high)
- Stillness/deepness rate: from -- (low) to ++ (high)
- Relaxation rate: from -- (low) to ++ (high)
- Some comments about the experience

Objective Data
- Duration (in minutes)
- Heart Rate Variability: from -100 (low) to +100 (high)
- Meditation Rate: from 0 (low) to 100 (high)
- Concentration Rate: from 0 (low) to 100 (high)

I hope you enjoy!

Important Note for the "sceptics"/"puritans": 
This is not a scientific experiment. I will do it just for the fun of doing it. :)

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